Patient focus: Adam climbs Mt Everest for Fight For Sight!

Patient focus: Adam climbs Mt Everest for Fight For Sight!

We’re excited to share that one of our patients, Adam Jones, is raising money for the wonderful Fight for Sight charity! We caught up with him to ask him exactly why he’s doing this and what he hopes to achieve from undertaking this incredible challenge.

Adam’s Story

Adam has had the eye condition keratoconus since he was 10 years old. He was attending a routine eye exam, which then turned into a 4-hour appointment, where he ended up having to wear two contact lenses in each eye to see clearly.
So, what exactly is keratoconus? Affecting approximately one in 2000 individuals, this eye disease affects the structure of the cornea on the surface of the eye, causing it to appear more cone-shaped rather than spherical. It can lead to blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and even loss of vision. It usually begins to affect people between the ages of 10 and 25.

This very difficult personal challenge has spurred Adam on to raise money for the amazing Fight For Sight charity, to raise awareness and funds for keratoconus and vision problems. He wanted to take on something which truly reflects the idea of overcoming personal challenges, which is why he’s chosen to climb Mount Everest in April!

Although Adam has climbed to base camp and summited Island Peak in Nepal and Kilimanjaro, this is the first time he’ll climb above 7000m in altitude. To prepare, he’s been mountaineering in Scotland, the lakes, Wales and Chamonix. He’s also been combining strength sessions with steep, long walks, ice climbing and running. After all, climbing Mount Everest is no easy feat!

We’re so grateful that Adam has decided to raise money for a charity where funds can go directly to helping research and improving eye conditions for others. As someone who suffers from keratoconus, poor vision will be one of the main obstacles he faces on his journey to the top. But by achieving his goal and summiting Mount Everest, he hopes to inspire others that anything is possible.

Support Adam: make a donation

If you would like to support Adam and Fight for Sight charity, please feel free to make a donation on his Just Giving page. You can also visit us at our opticians in Stafford to make a contribution to this worthy cause in person.

Good luck, Adam! Everyone at Webb, Lucas & Stubbs is rooting for you!