Eyeplan is an innovative optical programme that combines excellent quality of care and value for money


  • Comprehensive annual eye examination including OCT (usual cost £75.00) plus the peace of mind that you can see a member of our professional team of Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians whenever you need to.
  • Optional two years accidental damage cover on all spectacles supplied under Eyeplan*
  • Significant reductions on spectacles purchased
  • Discounted frame prices
  • 5% discount on spectacle lenses in your 1st year, 30% discount in your 2nd year & 35% discount in your 3rd and subsequent years**

What does it cost?

  • £14.00 per month for private patients and £13.00 per month if you are entitled to an annual sight test on the NHS
  • Minimum contract period 18 months

Contact Lens Wearers

You too can join Eyeplan and gain full ‘Reward’ benefits, including your aftercare appointments, for an additional fee of £2.00 per month

More Information

Contact us, or visit www.eyeplan.co.uk


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* Eyeplan members pay a small excess to repair spectacles supplied under Eyeplan during the first 12 months, and a slightly higher excess to repair during the following 12 months

**sunglasses 10% discount, Polaris rimless 25% discount